Tap off is the name of a piece in the central antenna system, which is responsible for dividing the received signal from the antenna, with low signal loss on the main line and various dropouts assigned to the consumer. The node has a main input and a main output With a low drop in input ratio. Has several sub-outputs. Secondary outputs are used for branching paths. This device is used to divide lines into a central antenna.

It’s less used in Iran, which causes a drop in the signal in units and the failure to receive some networks in buildings where their cabling planes are unpowered.

In this way, in the first antenna system, the antenna of the next amplifier, Next, the tile will be installed and the splitter will be installed. This device will be made in a variety of ways, 2 way, 3 way, 4 paths, and so on. The number of paths represents the number of its outputs.

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