The microphone is another part of a CCTV system.

Nowadays, in addition to recording images, the need for audio recording technology in surveillance systems in the internal environment of government, corporate, and corporate agencies is observed.

It is possible to record audio on all CCTV equipment.

The microphones in the CCTV system have different applications in different places and are usually installed in indoor environments. Of course, in ambient environments, resistant microphones can also be used for weather conditions.

The microphones are different in terms of appearance and sound adjustment.

The microphones are divided into three groups in appearance:

Needle Microphone: A mini microphone from a secret microphone series

Microphone Box: A microphone with a rectangular body and a screwdriver for sound adjustment

Golf Microphone: A microphone with a body similar to a golf ball

The key to installing a microphone in a CCTV system is that the microphones should not be installed close to high-noise locations such as the window, because the quality of the recorded sound will be reduced and will be recorded along with other annoying sounds and sounds.

 Today, some of the new generation cameras are equipped with microphones and do not need to use a separate microphone.

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