The 7-inch IP monitor is a series of IP Surveillance IP video monitoring systems provided by Seymaran Co., and is available in two types: Smartphone and Smartphone.

It has a 7-inch screen with a capacitive touch screen.

It comes with several ringtones.

It supports both Farsi and English languages.

It has the ability to make an emergency call (SOS) with the central guard.

The ability to display contact and missed calls It has the ability to send a signal to trigger a security guard system.

The power supports 4 internal monitors.

It has an anti-theft code. It has the ability to connect a single key ring to the monitor.

The ability to connect each monitor to multiple panels. It has the ability to use POE to set up monitors.

It has 6 security zones and allows you to schedule ZOO In a different fashion and has the support of the detectors.

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