The SpeedDom camera is one of a kind of camera system called the PTZ camera.

The camera has direct and zoom control and is therefore used in places that require careful monitoring.

It has a body-like body camera and a base that can be fitted to the desired location.

The PTZ rotary shaft has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees in all directions, and is also able to move up and down.

This product has the ability to control manually and automatically, and because it can be rotated, it can be used instead of several lens cameras.

This camera allows the user to control the location through the Internet and mobile in any situation.

It is often used in a wide range of applications, and it certainly needs the operator’s help.

If nobody controls it, only the role of a The camera’s unique feature is the ability to define a specific number of presets for the camera.

The user-defined areas allow the user to adjust the focus of the camera to specific locations at specified times.

The set of these presets and the specified time is called Sequence, which is in fact the same motion of the camera.

But one of the problems with the SpeedDum camera is that it only deals with recording what the operator wants, and the operator may look at the specified part.

An incident occurs at the blind spot of the camera and the camera can not play it.

PTZ camera drivers are installed at high altitude so the thieves can not access it and the shape is designed to allow people to recognize the angle of view These cameras allow you to magnify the subject without losing image quality The camera has a true zoom, that is, if the camera is 1 megapixel, zooming to the farthest point, the quality remains 1 megapixel.

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