The IP200 Seaman panel is based on the TCP / IP protocol and Linux system and its body is made of steel.

The presence of the HD camera in this panel produces high-resolution output images.

And the equipment used in the iPhone system is a video.

To provide power to the panel monitors, the POE feature can be used.

The IP200 panel is capable of performing both sound and image adjustments.

Another feature of the IP200 panel is the presence of an anti-theft sensor.

The panel also has the ability to use RFID cards to represent the door and use the password. And it’s possible to record 20,000 RFID cards on this panel.

One of the remarkable points is the possibility of erasing a card ID from the panel, that if one of the cards is lost, then there is no need to clear all cards’ IDs, and only the id of the missing card It will be erased.

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