The lock is an electric door that is used in automatic doors.

These locks are famous for the tortoiseshell and are among the safest and most used locks on the market.

One of the locking features is that, unlike the old locks, it’s not possible to lock the tab from the outside, with Putting a card back in the back, and this feature is a great advantage in terms of security.

The second feature, which can be pointed out to the old locks, is the design of the mechanism of these locks.

If even the tab is pressurized, when the lock is activated (the iPhone button is pressed), the door lock is pressed for closing, and then It releases the tab and does not require the person who is outside the door to pull the door.

Electric locks in all types without the need for automatic door parking and in the type of washed to install on the entrance door of the building, the apartment lobby, etc. Applicable.

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