The Motion Sensor is one of the most commonly used components of the anti-theft system.

The sensor is now one of the main parts of the alarm system due to the wide viewing of the environment and is used in most of the projects using the sensor. In Motin Sensor is an infrared light sensitive component.

Any infrared light that covers it will change in this piece. This change is detected by an electrical circuit and triggers alarms.

The motion sensor responds only to the temperature caused by the human body and the animal, and other wavelengths such as sunlight, heating equipment, etc.

to reduce Error filtering. The motion sensor has the ability to adjust day and night.

If set to Sun at set time, the device has the ability to function day and night.

If set to Moon, it will only operate in light of less than 20Lux.

By adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor, you can set the required distance according to the installation.

The angle of view is adjusted.

The sensitivity is directly related to the direction of travel.

You can also set the time delay according to the user’s needs. The shortest time is 10 seconds and the maximum time is 6 minutes.

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