A DVR device (Digital Video Recorder) is a digital recording device that converts analog images sent from a CCTV and stores them on a hard disk.

The new DVRs also have the ability to send images through the Internet.

The DVR device, in other words, the role of the server The camera system has a camera system.

In the analog system, the cameras are connected to this device, through which the playback or transmission of the image is done.

Nowadays, a generation of these devices has entered the market, called HD-DVR, which has the ability to support high-resolution HD video cameras.

The diverse and affordable features of these devices have left the use of old DVRs being dropped.

HD-DVR devices have many input and output ports that include an audio output port for connecting to the speaker, an input port for audio, a microphone, ports, an HDMI to VGA port for connecting to the display, a CVBS port for connecting to a TV, a port LAN communication with multiple bandwidth connections to the network or switch, alarm output, USB port for connecting the mouse and flash memory.

Each of the input or output ports varies depending on its type. Their main functions are to capture and retrieve CCTV images, view camera images seamlessly in one page, set up images and install, connect to To the network or to transfer images, to control battalion cameras.

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