NVR stands for Network Video Recorder, which means capturing networked images.

The NVR device can be defined as the equivalent of a server in a network camera system.

This device performs all tasks of the DVR in a networked network system.

Alternatively, it can be used in The POE was also used as a power supply for cameras.

It is a device for capturing images of connected cameras, making it possible to view images in a single cloth, making it possible to adjust images and record images, feed cameras (in the case of POEs Being and so on.

NVR devices are categorized in different ways, but the most important are the number of channels and bandwidth input to the device, which is categorized as follows.

۴-channel device: can install 4 cameras.

۸-Channel Device: Capable of 8 cameras.

۱۶ channels device: can install 16 cameras

. ۳۲ channel device: 32 cameras can be installed.

The amount of bandwidth of the NVR device determines how much the device can process the volume of information.

This feature is important when the user wants to connect the camera with very high image quality to the device.

In this case, you must first calculate network traffic.

And then select the appropriate device.

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