One of the essentials used in the fire extinguishing system is the Hosereel.

The Hosereel, as its name implies, has two parts: Hose means Hose and Reel means a reel.

This word is for fire extinguishers fitted with PVC hoses. , Is used.

Hosereel are commonly used to shut down small fires and often in residential and office units. The PVC hoses used in these pulleys are flexible and have a diameter of less than 19 mm (4.3 inches) and a length of 20 meters and, since it is located on a special spool, it is opened to the required size when necessary and used Gets

The Hosereel have an internal spray system. This will allow the hose to be opened and used as much as needed without the spool being fully opened.

The Hosereel area is very important and should be selected from the best. The best and best type of spinach is made from aluminum ingots or rice ingots.

They should be located at the place of installation and emergency and should be fully visible. Like the fire box, it should be installed at a height of 70 cm to 30 cm from the finished floor.

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