The Bullet Camera is one of the types of cameras used in the camera system.

These cameras often have a cylindrical body and generally metal.

Due to the fact that the body is waterproof and can be installed on the wall, they are usually externally used and It is suitable for environments with severe weather conditions and this bullet camera is superior to the luggage camera.

The Bullet camera, due to its specific appearance, is more in the outer space of the apartments, administrative, industrial and commercial buildings, factories and industrial environments, the street And city information and … and after installation and commissioning of the CCTV system The psychological perversion of the profane people and the thieves.

The Bullet camera often has IR night vision and has a relatively high range.

The night vision of this camera depends on the number and type of LEDs used in it.

Bullet cameras are divided into two categories according to the type of lens:

Fixed bullet bolt camera (fixed lenz)

Variable Lens Bullet Camera (Varifocal Lenz)

To capture wide areas of the camera, the bullet is fixed with a lens, and for viewing at a desired angle, a bullet-shaped camera with a vibracal lens is used.

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