Coaxial cable, also referred to as “coaxial cable”, is one of the equipment used in the central antenna system. The cable has an internal conductor and is surrounded by soft insulation. This flexible layer is also provided by a thin conductor for flexibility. The wires are woven together. All of the components are placed inside another insulator.

Coaxial cable

One of the hallmarks of coaxial cable is that there is no noise in the receiver mode along the transmission line and there is no radiation in the transmitter mode along the cable and the transmission wave is completely protected in either case.

Coaxial wire is classified into two categories:

  • Thin net: Flexible and has a diameter of 0.25 inches. Due to the high flexibility and ease of doing this, with coaxial cable, it can be used on almost all networks.
  • Thick net: Flexible and has a diameter of 0.5 inches. The copper core of this cable is thicker than the Thin net and is rarely used these days, but it can drive signals over a longer path than its thin one.

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