Firefighting refers to a set of measures taken to deal with fire by shutting off, controlling or directing fire.

The goal of fire prevention is to protect people’s health, prevent damage to property and protect the environment.

The fire extinguishing systems according to the different fire classification are as follows:

Water and gas extinguisher

Carbon dioxide extinguisher

Extinguishers containing foam

Hallucinogenic extinguishers

Fire extinguishing methods are also different according to the type of fire and are divided into two types of manual and automatic fire extinguishing.

In the first type, firefighting operations are carried out manually and by individuals, and the second type is carried out automatically and without human intervention.

Types of fire suppression systems:

Powder Extinguishers (Chemical Powder)

Powder Extinguishers (Chemical Powder)

Powder Extinguishers (Dry Powder)

Carbon dioxide extinguishers

Extinguishers containing halogenated compounds

Extinguishers containing foam

Fire extinguishing systems consist of equipment such as sprinkler, fire box, hose sprayer, fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher nozzle, couplings, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, valve flaps, etc. The equipment mentioned in the systems Handicap is used.

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