The iPhone IP Image is built on the technology of the day and based on the speed of communication and data transmission.

Due to the existence of digital IP based technologies, the benefits of this technology are essential.

The company also uses the The technology has brought its new iPhone to the market.

The benefits of these video iPhones include unlimited number of devices and simultaneous data transmission and system upgrade, the ability to monitor and remotely control devices, as well as easy and simple installation.

A high degree of reliability is the system performance.

In the IP system, the opener interface with the IP protocol makes it easier to connect with the iPhone’s video system.

The extensive and sophisticated analog video iPhone and the use of network cable (cat5-6) have been completely eliminated.

The system has been able to provide many features for users.

The use of IP technology on the iPhone has removed any communication restrictions.

IPs in addition to intercom (intercom) between units, there is also unlimited calling. Unlike the analog system, there is no limit to the simultaneous call between units.

It is possible to create 15 simultaneous simultaneous calls at a moment or control panels and cameras.

The IPseries of IPs for large projects and buildings are very suitable because all devices are capable of operating without the slightest interruption.

The iPhone’s IP connector easily connects to the back-up controller with a small port and also connects to the smart home system. has it.

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