The hinged lid is a kind of automatic door.

The door operator is used for doors that rotate around the hinge axis and open or close inside or outside.

Arm joints are divided into two electromechanical and hydraulic groups.

An electromechanical electrochemical jig consists of a motor and a gearbox. .

It is often used for low-traffic residential buildings and is suitable for light doors.

The operation of a hydraulic jack is driven by oil pressure.

This causes the jack to be frictionless and silent and extend its lifespan.

This type of jack is used for high-weight doors and portable areas such as offices.

In these types of doors, electric locks are used for security and the placement of the slats on each other.

The armpit operator, like all other devices, consists of several components:


Control Panel




In this system, there are sensors that detect obstacles when opening and closing the door, preventing it from blocking the door to the barrier.

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