About Sama Company

Samaelectronic Company , with a specialized and experienced team of intent to provide services in the field of intelligent electronic security systems, began its activity and after a short time has gained credibility among customers and has enjoyed a good position in the industry. The building is among the most active and prominent associates in the industry.

In recent years, due to the growing popularity and widespread use of security and welfare systems in the old and newly built buildings, Samaelectronic Company  has been in contact with manufacturers of these products both inside and outside the country. A complete basket of the best and most specialized products of the day, with a variety of prices, suitable for any environment and installation, and ready for the compatriots.

Customer service and service delivery, observance of the principles of professionalism in the current market are the main pillar of successful business. Managers and members of Semalelectronics Company have been able to base this principle on the competition of group work and provide appropriate after sales services to this Principles have adhered to a significant market share in their years of operation. The full-time Samalelectronics company itself has shown this.