One of the accessories used in the fire extinguishing system is a fire box or fire box that is used to provide space for the use of other automatic fire fighting equipment at different locations.

Firebox cases are in different dimensions and in two models And firewalls are used.

Fireboxes are used with hoses or hoseprill hoses (plastic hoses).

The best equipment for the fire extinguishing system in residential and office buildings, industrial units and warehouses, fire extinguisher boxes Or Fire Box.

This device is one of the first fire fighting equipment at the moment after fire extinguishers Fire detection.

Fireballs are often 130 cm above the floor, mounted on a wall and in a publicly visible place.

The best place to install firebanks is near the drafts and outlets.

The fireballs must have a maximum of 30 cm each, so they can overlap each other in the event of a fire.

Standard Dimensions

Firebox boxes in standard dimensions (height 74, width 60, depth 15 to 20 cm), or in custom dimensions (height 148, width 60, depth 20 cm), type of fireboxes standing or box-shaped Horizontal dimensions (height 74 or 84, width 90 or 100, depth 20 cm) are used.

There are 2 different capsules available in custom space fireboxes.

Firebacks are placed in buildings in two ways:

HUZRILLE BOXES Including 4/4 “diameter plastic sleeves with rotary pulleys, 3/4” inch connectors, three-way valve nozzle, hose connector, special power tapping for these fireboxes, due to ease of installation, installed in the upper floors of buildings are.

Fireboxes in sizes of 1.5 and 2.5 inches include tarpaulin hoses, rubber perlon thread and fire extinguishers (couplings, triangular nozzles, hydrant or threaded couplings of various sizes, as well as a high pressure brass valve). These boxes can also be installed in car parks and floors.

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