The control panel is the main part of the fire alarm system, which is responsible for the communication between the sensors and the danger and the error.

Control panels are able to detect and report the short circuit or circuit failure, and also at a power failure due to the presence of the battery The backup system is capable of maintaining the system.

Regarding the capacity of the center of the control system, the conventional fire alarm system is divided into zones, which are usually provided as zones 2-4-8-16-24-32. In some cases, the number of zones can be increased by adding electronic cards.

And the control center of the addressable fire alarm system is divided into loop, which is usually 1 to 6 loops.

To each zone of the conventional fire alarm system, depending on the type of detector and the amount of cabling, it can connect about 20 detectors that the manufacturer determines, and about 250 units are connected to each loop of the addressable fire alarm system. Central panel It should be installed in a place that is easily visible. For example, at the entrances and places where firefighters enter, they should be protected by a smoke detector with an installation height of about 1.8 to 2 meters and its installation site in terms of manipulation of unauthorized persons or the possibility of vandalism Pay attention.

The way the detectors communicate in the fire alarm system with the control center is that in the event of a fire, the detector is triggered or the trigger is triggered by an interconnection in the circuit, causing an increase in the circuit current and, as a result, a control center, a fire alarm.

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Slowly The control center through the electronic circuitry after the fire detection detects that the relays are connected and uses sirens and warning lights. Then the caller phones start dialing.

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