The HF-77 / IP200 monitor is one of the monitors designed based on the TCP / IP protocol and the Linux operating system in the Seymaran company for the iPhone video system.

It has a 7-inch capacitive touch screen.

It has the ability to use the POE to set up monitors.

It has several melodies for ring tones. It has the ability to connect to 5 internal monitors.

It can set up 1,000 monitors and 20 panels in large projects.

It has built-in intercom without a busy line.

It has 4GB of internal memory for capturing images and videos.

It has connectivity capabilities of up to 16 CCTV cameras.

It has the ability to connect to six zones of security and programming zones in different ways and supports detectors.

The mobile app is for connecting to single-panel panels.

The ability to display a contact list and create a contact book It is not necessary to open the door of the jack.

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