The system of warning of places and buildings in the event of inactivity to monitor and maintain against unauthorized entry to the building and to inform the guard in the event of a theft and able to move humans by detected sensors and reporting to the center Electronic control to sound sirens and call people or places designated to prevent vandalism.

The main system of the alarm system is:

Motor detector

Glass Break Detector



Remote Control

Back Up Battery

control panel

The output of this system is as follows:

A siren (making a loud announcement), a flashlight (instant display), a mobile phone (sending a text message or a phone call from a mobile phone), a wireless pager (sending wireless data to the pager), a network calling (IP)

The power supply system of the alarm system is connected to the city’s electric power and battery, and the battery capacity is proportional to the equipment used in the variable system. In public places where there is a possibility of theft during the day, use an Emergency Key or pedal When the system is pressed, the system starts alarms.