The Flasher is a component of the fire alarm system.

The flashlight structure is stationary or flashing, either fixed or rotating, and is usually red.

Flares are installed in two locations:

Pavilions, corridors and stairs

Overhead doors and rooms

The indicator lights in the corridors and stairwells are placed in parallel with the sirens and used at the same time as they are called Strobe Light.

These lights are very effective for the deaf and they are It helps to diagnose the occurrence of fire. It can also detect fire alerts when the sirens fail.

In some cases, in the event of fire, there is a need to determine the exact location of the fire. For example, in flats where each floor has several units or in a hotel There are several rooms in each floor.

The fire alarm system is used to detect the exact location of the fire from the Remote Andicator LED. These lights are installed above the door of each unit and if the detector is activated, this light is also lit. will be.

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