Bollard is a type of parking rack. The Bullard Braid is used to prevent terrorist attacks through heavy vehicles (over 10 tons) and high speeds (over 90 kilometers).

The column bar is composed of a steel cylinder It moves up and down with the help of a linear actuator.

The complete set of movable metal cylinders and the actuator system are placed inside a pit on the ground and its operation is guided through the controller installed in the control room.

When the user intends to Close the desired location, issuing a command from the box control, the cylinder moves upwards and as one of us AS acts against traffic.

Boulders have high resistance to collisions and are able to prevent unauthorized passage of vehicles.

Based on the actuator system, column paths can be classified into two electromechanical and hydraulic groups.

Electromechanical bulldogs often have fewer cycle cycles than hydraulic ones, and their maintenance costs are high.

For this reason, more hydraulic is used today.

This type of braid is divided into two groups of anti-terrorists in terms of the degree of resistance.

The Bullder has a cylindrical anti-terrorist engine and a stronger engine than the usual Bullard and is used to stop heavy vehicles.

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