Fire extinguishers can be described as fire extinguishers, which are a type of fire extinguishing device and are portable fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguisher according to the type of fire combines different combinations, such as water, powder and gas Carbon dioxide, bioreactor, and so on.

These are solid metal cylinders filled with water or a coolant such as carbon dioxide and when the lever is embedded on top of the device We push the material out of it with a lot of pressure.

Fire extinguishers are made from 1kg to 14kg and are portable by the person.

But the larger ones, because of their high weight, are on the wheel and sometimes they are fixed in a fixed place that turns it off

The fire extinguisher is divided into five categories according to different uses:

Water-based extinguishers

Powdered powder extinguishers

Gas content extinguishers

Foam extinguishers

Halogen-containing extinguishers

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