One of the fire fighting equipment used is Sprinkler. This device drains water when it detects a fire, such as when the temperature rises from a constant amount.

One of the most commonly used components in the fire extinguishing system is Sprinkler. In buildings protected by sprinkler fire and with a standard design, more than 99% of the fires are controlled by this piece alone.

Sprinklers have different types that are chosen according to the type of building used, its dimensions, as well as building requirements.

Wet system:

This system is the most common type of sprinkler and is most used in construction projects. The system uses water directly from the system, which means there is water pressure behind the Sprinkler. When the glass bubble breaks through the increase of a certain temperature, the water flows through it and neutralizes the fire.

Dry system:

This kind of system operates in such a way that the flow of water is closed by nitrogen or oxygen and by means of a spray that is sensitive to high temperatures, it causes the water to open.

Free Flow System:

This system uses Open Sprinkler. During a fire, the systems are opened manually and water flows. This is also called semi-automatic.

Semi-Flow System:

This system operates in a similar way to the free flow system, with the exception that sprinklers are normally closed and sensitive to the specific temperature. There is a small amount of water pressure behind this piece, and when the main path is opened, only sprinklers are activated, which are under increasing temperature.

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This piece can also be divided into water spray:

Upper up: Its flow is up. The water disperses after it hits the water, changes direction and spreads over the ground and water the target area.

Downhill: The direction of water is down. The water discharges water after it hits the water. This is the most common type of Sprinkler.

Wall mounted: horizontally mounted, which is also suitable for women. And used in very special cases.

Built: Built-in and in normal mode inside the ceiling and not visible. During the fire, the ceiling is opened and the operation is done. This type of Sprinkler is used for places where design is of particular importance.

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