Fire hose is one of the equipment used to convey water with high pressure and flame to contain fire, or so-called fire extinguishing.

It is made of different materials and has several types and is divided into two general categories :

Residential fire hoses

Fire hoses Fire trucks

Types of hoses:

Flame gun or cloth: Comes up in various forms.

Plastic: Mostly used in fire extinguisher Husrail.

Kpotomi: In order to use outdoor resources.

Metal: Firefighting as an interface Water is used from the valves in the ground.

Fire hose hoses:

Tarpaulin Hose: It consists of two parts: 1. The outer layer of the perlone thread is made of polyester and circular texture. 2. The interior is made of rubber.

Strap hose: In an unwatered state, it is placed in the form of a flat bar around a special spool. For first use, it spreads to the ground and then fills up with the tapping open

Rubber hose: It is made of rubber and its appearance is similar in terms of concreting and without water. It is simple to use and is training and is used in the early stages of fire.

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