Connectors are parts that are often used to connect different sections of circuits in the CCTV system.

The root of this term is connectivity, and the connector itself is the connector.

These are usually used where there is a definite probability or where the user can remove it, or in the event of a need to replace it. Feeding patterns The fittings of the components and the slabs that need to be repaired are the same.

Connectors have a gender.

These pieces are divided into two groups of nails and pins.

The pins are usually soldered on the board, and the nugget is also located on the dashboard. These parts can only be connected in one direction, and there is no possibility of connecting any ducts to the dip.

These parts have a useful life and are worn out after a period of connection and disconnection.

Therefore, it should be selected according to the use of a piece with a suitable life span.

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