refractory cable has a special firewall system for cabling. An issue of importance to systems is the design of the firewall cable design. It is important to maintain integrity of the circuit, to prevent the connection of the circuit in the event of fire and to put in A direct flame, the expansion of the failure to detect fire through cable lines.

Of the important issues in choosing the type of fireproof cable, it can be cited as low smoke, flame retardant and fireproof.

The silicon used in the firewall cable should be of high quality and effective additives to reduce smoke.

The seam and unprotected cable will cause fire transmission in the wiring network and the expansion of fire in the building and causing a lot of damage.

In the section Fire alarm systems, such as power supplies and sirens that should be active during fire, should use fireproof cables to carry out their duties during a fire.

During a fire, one of the factors that It leads to personal injury, toxic gas leakage, so that cables are free of any toxic gas.

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