The power supply is another part of a CCTV system, which is considered an energy source and will vary depending on the CCTV system and its device’s type of function.

The adapter’s version in the CCTV system converts the voltage 220 The urban power supply voltages are up to 12 volts of CCTV cameras.

There are two types of adapters in the industry and a laptop with a variety of amps, the most common of which are 30,20,15,10.5. Power supply to the camera system Depending on the amount of ampere they are classified.

As far as the number of cameras is greater, the number of more adapters or an amperage power supply Higher is required.

Usually, each camera is consumed at least 1 amperes, for example, a camera system with 5 cameras requires at least 5 1-amp adapters or 5 amp adapters.

Night vision cameras require more ampere consumption and High-power power supplies are used.

Experts in the installation of CCTV cameras in semiconductor devices usually consider the percentage of voltage drop when installing camera cables.

In long paths, the voltage drop is more tangible, therefore, after determining the cable path, taking into account the voltage drop, the adapter ampere size should be determined.

The more important is that the CCTV amp should be less than the maximum amp of the power supply.

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