The Forouz Seymaran Video Panel is another product of Seymaran and presented at Sama Electronics Co., Ltd.

This panel is available in a coding and chassis sample. The Faroux Panels are made for buildings up to 64 units.

Simple panels in the number of rings The pair have been put on the market, as well as a single-panel unit with appropriate dimensions.

The panel is resistant to environmental factors such as dust and rain. In this panel, in the number of high-end cameras, LEDs and speakers on top of the top The buttons are ringing.

High-resolution CCD cameras come with high resolution and a monitor that can store photos or movies.

High-quality photos can be easily made.

The presence of LEDs along the side of the camera gives you enough light at night and thus better visibility.

One of the characteristics of the above panel is the need for a switch, which means that a switching device can be used to connect.

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