Bar rails are one of the most common types of parking barriers.

The purpose of the application of this roadway is to control the movement at the entrance and exit of places requiring high security, such as military units, commercial or residential complexes, etc.

By using a traffic jam, a vehicle A specific point can be limited.

The rod bar can be classified into two electromechanical and electro-hydraulic groups:

Electromechanics consist of an electric motor and a gearbox to drive power to the barrel boom. This group of ropes are installed in low traffic areas, but they are more expensive than hydraulics and their maintenance costs are high.

Electrohydraulics are made up of a hydraulic pump with a cylinder and a piston to propel the strap bars and are used in crowded places. In order to select a correct strap, attention should be paid to the width of the driveway and the amount of traffic.

The drive system and the power level It varies according to the length of the bar.

The longer the canvas is, the more powerful the equipment is, the more expensive it will be.

The other way, if the roadblock is not selected with the amount of traffic, after a while, its performance is too influenced And the actuator fails and the parking lot becomes unusable.

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