HDD is one of the main components of the CCTV system.

All information and images captured on CCTV cameras are stored on a hard disk.

The purpose of installing CCTV cameras is to store important information and images, so choosing the right hard disk is of great importance. .

Hard drive capacity is usually from 500 gigabytes to 10 terabytes in terms of capacity for CCTV cameras.

Hard disk capacity varies depending on the type and location used.

An appropriate HDD for internal CCTV SATA communication system.

From the external hard drive it is better to support the data Shvd.tkmyl use hard disk capacity depends on factors such as image compression format, resolution recording, the recording of moving pictures and associated over time.

After completing the hard disk capacity, the images of the first day of storage will be erased automatically and new day images will be replaced.

The hard disks used in CCTV cameras have a lower lifespan due to their continued use, but the following points are effective in increasing their life span.

The hard disk space will be better if the installation is cooler.

The hard disk should be horizontally aligned.

The high peripheral power of the disk, and the effect of gravity and disk rotation of the drive, can lead to its drift and loss of hard drive. And information.

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