The top-of-the-line video panel is one of the super-excellent products of Seymaran and is presented at Sama’s Successful Successful Company (SAMA). Superfire is available in three simple (chassis), coding and card reader models.

The model has a panel of 1 to It supports 64 building units, and its expanders are available in models 8, 16, and 24 in the marketplace, with two extras, one with a bell key and the other one on which the camera and speakers are located.

The overhead panels are rectangular and the camera is positioned above it, which is set in 4 directions.

The camera is a CCD-like model, and if you’re connected to a monitor that has the ability to save photos and videos, you can get high-quality images.

The panel’s LEDs provide better night vision.

It makes the visitor clearly hear the sound of someone in the home.

The upstairs desk has a security guard and needs to connect to 4 wire strings.

To protect the camera panel, there is also a glass inside it.

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