Fire alarm system is one of the products provided by SAMA Electronic. Since the early minutes of the fire start are vital and vital, on the one hand, the factors causing the fire are very diverse and it can also occur all day and night, so Today, systems have been created that can detect it at the very first moments of the fire and send it to a control center and immediately notify the residents by a siren, or by telephone to the fire brigade Give This system includes detectors (smoke – thermal – gas), some of which are installed and connected to the central panel of the system.

Fire alarm systems are divided into conventional and addressable groups.

In the addressable firewall, all elements used such as detectors, thumbs and sirens are specified by an address or code. This system is able to recognize the address of the elements and warns the exact location of the fire by sounding the siren.

The addressable system is looped cabling. It has a higher technical specification and more ability than the conventional system. The speed of detection, accurate identification of the fire location, and easy and convenient maintenance of the addressable system features.

Conventional fire alarm system consists of a central panel and equipment such as detector and washer, siren and so on. The system consists of a multi-zone or zone, each zone equipped with various equipment and connected in a separate section of the building.

The disadvantages of these systems are the inability to detect the exact location of the fire and is recommended for small buildings.

Main equipment:

Smoke detector

Thermal detector

Thumb announcement


control panel